Angklung Harbinger of Happiness at Indonesia-Pakistan Friendship Show


More than a thousand of guests were delighted to witness the Indonesia-Pakistan Friendship Show, organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the Hyderabad City District Government on Sunday the 21st February, 2010 at Hyderabad Expo Center.
The purpose of organizing such Cultural Show is to promote Indonesian Art and Culture to the people of Sindh to further boost the bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries, Indonesia and Pakistan.
Acting Consul General the Republic of Indonesia at Karachi, Mr. Trigustono Supriyanto in his opening speech said that Hyderabad is a peaceful and developing district and that is why it is expected that Indonesia-Pakistan Friendship show would achieve its target of promoting and boosting economic and cultural ties between the two friendly countries. Acting Consul General also said that friendship show will also strive to connect the culture of Sindh Province to the Indonesian culture while the trade will also get momentum in near future.
District Nazim Hyderabad Mr. Kanwar Naveed Jamil also addressed the occasion. He said that the development of the city is synonymous with the development in the realm of art, culture, education and literature. He underscored that Indonesia-Pakistan Friendship Show would create cultural cohesion, improve the relationship between the brotherly countries and proved to be instrumental in the establishment of peace in the region.
Indonesia has a very rich background in art and culture. One of the traditional music is Angklung (made from Bamboo) demonstrated during the Show while other Indonesian traditional dances such as : Puspawresti, Ronggeng Blantek, Piring Dance, Indang Badindin dance and very popular Poco-Poco dance were also performed.
During the Cultural Show three (3) kinds of songs are performed with Angklung Music. A world renowned Indonesia Musician Mr. Sam Udjo who has very kindly come from Indonesia to Pakistan to teach Angklung, also performed and exhibited his expertise and high quality of capability. He was also invited the guests to perform the music with him.
Two groups of Sindh and Punjab were also took part in the performance. District Nazim, Mr. Kanwar Naveed Jamil, informed that in this unique event people will observe the performance of folk singer Ms. Shazia Khushk and Mr. Arif Lohar. Mr. Arif Lohar sang four different beautiful songs with his team and orchestra in a traditional very attractive dress of Punjab and Ms. Shazia Khushk a world famous Sindhi Folk Artist was also invited to perform in the show. She performed with her team of musicians and with other Artists who were dressed in the traditional Sindhi Costumes. She performed three Sindhi traditional songs in peculiar Sindhi Style. At the end she also performed a Pushto song in her attractive and melodious voice.
By this performance both the brotherly countries Indonesia and Pakistan could share their experiences, knowledge, skill and information in various fields of complements. The Cultural activities are the perfect source to bring harmony, peace, soft power and develop people to people contacts more suitably.