Procedures for Foreign Media Journalist Visit in Indonesia

Procedures to obtain Journalist Visa are as follows:
 Journalists / foreign media should apply for journalist visa in Indonesian Mission abroad. Meanwhile, referring to the regulation of the President of the Republic of Indonesia No. 69 Year 2015 regarding Visa Free Visit (BVK), the BVK was given to 45 (forty five) countries which are divided into two (2) categories:
a. 15 (fifteen) countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Chile, Morocco, Peru, Ecuador, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region) can use the BVK in activity journalism.
b. Thirty (30) Other countries are given BVK facility but can not be used for journalistic activities.
A. For applications journalist filming a documentary / filming is done through Indonesian Missions abroad to fill the Application Form File (Application for Film Shooting Permit) which include:
1. Company profile, crew list and their position;
2. Copy of passport every foreign film crews;
3. Synopsis;
4. Schedule and location filming;
5. The list of equipment with a statement to bring the equipment back (re-export) to the country after finishing their tasks;
6. The list of speakers who will be reference in film shooting;
7. Signing a statement letter stating the following:
§ Agree and obey all the regulations act in Indonesia, including District Regulation, especially the sanctuaries and national parks;
§ will give one (1) release copy of film shooting result to Directorate of Film, Directorate General of Culture Value, Art and Film, Kembudpar, after filming was completed.
B. Equipment journalist and crew data will be sent to the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta to be verified
C. Application will be processed in a meeting between the relevant government agencies held every Thursday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
D. Applicants will then be notified by the office of the Embassy / Representative Office of the Republic of date and time of the granting of visas and journalists complete a declaration in lieu of identification cards (ID Card)
E. Upon arrival in Jakarta, the journalist is obliged:
1. Completing the filming permit from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism cq Directorate of Film (especially for film shooting) to Directorate of Film, Directorate General of Culture Value, Art and Film, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Jl. MT Kav.47-48 Haryono, South Jakarta;
2. Film shooting in conservation area is required Permit to Enter Conservation (SIMAKSI) of the Directorate General of Protection, Ministry of Forestry;
3. Filming took place under the sea must have permission from Marine Central (Headquarter);
4. To facilitate the implementation of activities in certain areas of filmmaking, foreigners must involve officers escort (Liaison Officer). (Ref. Decree of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Indonesia, No. KM.62 / PW.204 / MKP / 2004 dated 19 October 2004, Article 7).