Single Entry Visa

Single entry visa awarded to foreigners who will travel to Indonesian Territory in the context of The Government's Official Duties, travel, socio-culture activities, visit family, noncommercial sports, business and journalistic activities.

For attention that journalistic activities, including Film or video-making activities for commercial should get permission from the competent authority.

For complete information, Please contact Information desk & socio-culture division.


  1. The Original Passport with a validity not less than 18 months on arrival in Indonesia.
  2. Fill out the visa application form (Visa form can be downloaded ), personally signed by the applicant.
  3. 2 (two) Color Photograph.
  4. Copy of NIC (National Identity Card)
  5. Copy of passport page 1,2, and Indonesian previous visa
  6. A Hotel Reservation
  7. A copy of Return ticket
  8. A Guarantee of availability of funds to cover the cost of living evidenced by Bank Statement around than USD 2000 last three months.
  9. For business trip and Convention, please attach information letter from company based in Pakistan and Invitation letter from counterpart in Indonesia.
  10. For social/family visit, please attach invitation letter from a family or friends based in Indonesia and Marriage Certificate and other support documents.
  11. For nonprofit purpose and internship, please attach invitation/reference letter from a company/institution based in Indonesia.
  12. For Certain Applications, such as work, study, or live and other applications which requires special permit form Immigration Office in Indonesia. The Process can take up to 2 months before a decision is made and visa can be given.
  13. For besides citizens of Pakistan, please attach a copy of resident permit card.
  14. Please note, possession of visa does not guarantee entry to Indonesia, permission to enter is an authorization of Indonesian immigration at the point of entry.
  15. The embassy has a right to accept or reject visa application without specifying a reason or request more information.

Document Submission Process

You can submit a visa application documents to consular counter of Indonesia Embassy Islamabad. For your convenience please note consular opening hours, that is on Monday-Wednesday 09.30-11.30 a.m.

Visa Collection Process

For your convenience, Collecting visa in consular opening hours on Thursday-Friday 2.30-4.30 p.m.