Sharing Indonesian Values through Fashion: Indonesian Envoy to Pakistan

​At a recent culture and fashion show organized by the Embassy of Indonesia titled "Journey Through Colors" held in commemoration of Indonesia's 68th Independence Day at Serena Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, Indonesian Fashion Designer Itang Yunasz wowed the 500+ VIP crowd with his collection "Flowers and Hokokai Butterfly" which showcased colorful hand made Batik patterns on ankle-length chiffon and satin dresses.

It was no coincidence that the Fashion Show was held in an Islamic Country currently facing a turning point in its history.

Ambassador Burhan Muhammad's message was loud and clear to the guests consisting of Ambassadors, the Diplomatic Community, media icons and Fashionistas in Pakistan: "Without tolerance, without the struggle for peaceful co-existence, without Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity), I would not be standing here with you celebrating our 68th Independence Day"

The event was more than just a colorful culture and fashion show, it was about sharing deeply embedded Indonesian values of tolerance, moderation and peace to a brotherly Nation who stood side by side with Indonesia during its struggle for Independence. A Nation full of potential and currently searching for a new path toward prosperity.

The fashion show by Itang Yunasz featuring hand made batik patterns from all corners of Indonesia embodied the archipelago's uniqueness and diversity. Indonesia's 17.000+ islands, 300+ dialects and dozens of ethnic groups were captured and transcended throughout the room as the all Pakistani Models strutted down the runway.

Just as Pakistan lend a helping to Indonesia 68 years ago, that night at Serena Hotel Islamabad, the Indonesian envoy wanted to return the favor to a country who celebrated its 66th three days earlier. Not by way of military help nor aid funds. But as equal brothers, talking heart to heart, sharing Indonesia's values and experiences.