Indonesian culinary workshop inspires participants

​​​​​The type of food we eat, how we prepare the ingredients to make a certain recipe and ultimately how we consume and share it, is very telling of the actual essence of who we are and where we are from.


This is what exactly the guests experienced at the Coffee Morning that brought them an exclusive stirring Indonesian Culinary workshop to learn and enjoy selected scrumptious, signature and authentic Indonesian food recipes, says a press release.


The wife of the newly arrived Indonesian Ambassador, Rita Amri, who also chairs the Islamabad Chapter of the Indonesian Women Association, hosted the workshop. Speaking on the occasion, the IWA chairperson said that food comprises an intrinsic part of our respective cultural profile. She elaborated that food connects communities and helps us understand each other better.


She stated that though she arrived in the beautiful city of Islamabad in April 2016, yet it was her first opportunity to meet the wonderful friends and colleagues from the diplomatic community, Pakistan Foreign Women Association and other ladies from different sections of the society. Wife of the Indonesian envoy said that she looks forward to see the friendship between the friends and colleagues present at the event will grow and strengthen in the future.


The workshop was conducted by Chef I Wayan Subrata, a renowned Indonesian Chef who is associated with a local hotel in Islamabad. Four Indonesian food recipes 'Sate Ayam' (Skewered Grilled Meat), 'Nasi Goreng' (fried rice), 'Gado Gado' (vegetables salad with a peanut sauce), and 'Bubur Injin' (temperate black rice with ice cream) were picked up for the workshop from those 30 Indonesian indigenous recipes that have topped in the recent international polls.


Elaborate arrangements were made for the workshop. The venue was beautifully decorated with different Indonesian colourful textiles and artefacts were put on display symbolising diverse and rich culture of Indonesia while at a corner a stall was setup where the guests could pick lovely gift items and handicrafts very reasonable price. Apart from that, some lively Indonesian traditional dance performances of 'Gemu Famire' dance and 'poco poco' dance by the members of the Indonesian Women Association enthralled the guests who also joined in and enjoy themselves.


It was an enjoyable and unique opportunity for the participants to learn to prepare the Indonesian food recipes and its presentation direct from the renowned Indonesian Chef present at the workshop. Participants very attentively and keenly attended the workshop and enriched and elevated their culinary skills. Since the workshop was about Indonesian exclusive food recipes it would have remain inconclusive had the menu of the lunch been different from those just learnt to cook by the participants. The participants savoured the four food dishes on the menu of the lunch and admired the food texture and its exotic and great taste.


The wonderful workshop concluded with participants appreciating IWA for organising the lovely event allowing them to have some insight into Indonesian people, their rich and diverse culture and cuisine.​