Special Visa for Retired

​​​Special Visa for Retired

A temporary stay visa may issue to a retired/senior citizen who wants to visit Indonesia and stay longer than 60 days. The special visa shall be valid for one year and could be extended for not more than 5 (five) time consecutively. It means that this special visa eligible for up to five years (extension subject to immigration approval)

Special Visa for Retired/Senior Citizen is treated same as a Limited Stay Visa. It means that the applicant should seek authorization from Indonesian immigration prior to apply for the visa at the Embassy/Consulate Generals. The Special Visa for Retired/Senior Citizen is a single entry.

General requirements for the SPECIAL Visa for RETIRED :

  1. Passport must be valid at least 18 months at the date of entry into Indonesia.
  2. Passport contains at least one blank visa page. Amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa purposes.
  3. Application form (in duplicate) must be complete and signed by the applicant.
  4. Two recent color photographs (passport size) on picture-quality paper.
  5. Retired/senior citizen must be at least 55 (fifty five) years old.
  6. A written guarantee statement from retirement fund Institution/bank, either in the country of origin (in the US or others depending on your nationality) or  in Indonesia, regarding the availability of funds to support the needs during the requested stay in Indonesia.
  7. Health insurance, life insurance, and liability insurance related to third party, be obtained from either the country of origin (in the US or others depending on your nationality), or Indonesia.
  8. A written statement declaring the willingness to reside at available accommodation in Indonesia, obtained either by rent or purchase.
  9. Foreign senior are required to employ domestic workers during their residency in Indonesia.
  10. It is advisable that retired/senior citizen consult authorized Indonesian travel agent to assist in obtaining necessary immigration permit prior to arrival in Indonesia.
  11. Non US-Citizen: Please be advised that applicant with a B1/B2 visa would not be processed unless there is firm ground for the applicant. Such applicant suggested for obtaining Indonesian visa from country of origin.
  12. Visa application by mail should enclosed a self-stamped/pre-paid return envelope by Express Mail or FedEx or UPS (air mail not ground). The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Houston will not process a visa application by mail unless there is an enclosed a self- stamped/pre-paid return envelope. The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Houston is not responsible for any applications or passports that are lost in transit.

​The Indonesian Representative (Embassy & Consulate Generals) hold the right to deny any applicant that deemed ineligible without disclosing the reason.