Visit Visa for Business

​Visit Visa for Business

General requirements

  1. Application form (in duplicate) must be completed and signed by the applicant. The application form could be downloaded from the Consulate website.
  2. Original passport contains at least two blank visa page. Amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa purposes. No passport, no visa.
  3. Validity/Expiration date of the passport must be at least 6 months for single entry visa and 18 months for multiple entry visa at the date of entry into Indonesia.
  4. Two recent color photographs (passport size) on picture-quality papers with clear background.
  5. Copy of ID or Driver License.
  6. Copy of Bank statement in the amount of US$ 2000,00 (two thousand dollars) or more. 
  7. Inoculation is recommended but not mandatory and is required only if applicant had previously traveled to areas/countries infected by yellow fever.
  8. Applicants under 18 years of age should attach a notarized copy of birth certificate. Notarized letter of consent signed by non-traveling parents/guardian must be attached if the applicant under 18 years of age travels without the parents.
  9. Copy of return ticket or itinerary to and from Indonesia

​For Visa application by mail, please read carefully :

  1. Before you mail the application, please remember that the application must be send along with the applicant's passport. The Consulate would attach the visa (sticker) in the passport. No passport, no visa.
  2. Visa application by mail should enclosed a self-stamped/pre-paid return envelope by Express Mail or FedEx or UPS (air mail not ground). The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Houston will not process a visa application by mail unless there is an enclosed a self-stamped/pre-paid return envelope. The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Houston is not responsible for any applications or passports that are lost in transit.
  3. Amendment and endorsement pages cannot be used for visa purposes. Check your passport for a blank visa page. Please be advised that Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Houston will return your application and passport if we found there are no blank visa pages on the passport. This would delay your application processing.
  4. Visa Fee single entry US$ 50.00 or multiple entries US$ 110.00 may be paid only by Money Order or Company Check, payable to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Houston. Personal Check would not be accepted.
  5. Send the application/documents to :
    Consular Division,
    Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Houston
    10900 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77042
    The Indonesian Representative (Embassy & Consulate Generals) hold the right to deny any applicant that deemed ineligible without disclosing the reason.
Based on you purpose of visit (Business), please provide the additional requirements, as follows :

  1. A letter of intent (in duplicate) from employer or sponsor, which describes the purpose of the visit, time for stay, and guaranteeing all transportation and living expenses that will incur in Indonesia.
  2. For multiple entries visa includes a letter of invitation (in duplicate) from business partner or sponsor in Indonesia, which describes the purpose of visit.
  3. Roundtrip Itinerary (original or copy) or a letter from travel agents, airline, steamship company, confirming the purchase of tickets into Indonesia (note the officer may ask the copy of the original airplane ticket).
  4. The applicant who wishes to enter the restricted regions (Poso and West Papua) must obtain special authorization from Indonesian authority. Please mention to the Embassy/Consulates Generals about the intention to visit the restricted regions. This rule also applies to those who previously work at the regions and hold immigration permission, e.g. Freeport employees.
  5. The applicant could also contact the employer/company/sponsor in Indonesia to obtain such permission through the Clearing House at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (KEMLU). Please contact the Directorate for Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Indonesian Embassy/Consulate Generals would not issue the visa without official notification of approval from the Indonesian authority to enter such regions
  6. If you are a non-US citizen, includes either: copy of US Permanent Residence/Visa/ Valid I-20 from schools/ universities. Please be advised thatapplicant with a US B1/B2 visa would not be processed. Such applicant suggested for obtaining an Indonesian visa from country of origin/country of residency.