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Food and beverage processing machinery industry includes machinery manufacturing for processing various food, beverages, and tobacco, such as food and milk processors, food millers (e.g. flour), seed hullers (e.g. rice), wine fermenters, juicers, bread and noodle makers, cigarette rollers, and various other food and beverage processing machines.

The food and beverage processing machinery industry has a very good prospect in Indonesia because, in addition to continuous increase in demand due to Indonesian population growth, majority of food and beverage processing machines used here are still imported.

From production perspective, in 2004, Indonesian food and beverage processing machinery industry experienced a positive growth after a drastic decline in 2003. In that year, the value of the industry was 13,377,049,000 Indonesian rupiahs, a sharp increase from the 2003 figure of 3,813,000,000 Indonesian rupiahs. In 2002, the value was already 40,850,787,000 Indonesian rupiahs.

The number of companies active in the industry is still low, so the opportunity to invest is wide open. In 2002, it was only seven companies. It went down to three in 2003 before bouncing back to seven in 2004.


This information contains the investment opportunities in the coal mining sector in Indonesia. General description menu is displayed, presenting a brief description on the coal commodity. Investments opportunities in coal commodity at both national and regional levels are opened widely .

To boost the development and improvement of the coal commodity, this website also provides some government incentives and addresses of relevant companies and institutions. In addition, also contains several investment laws and regulations particularly in relation to the coal commodity.

It is also available a menu, contains of i.e. cost of doing business, provides information on costs associated with investment in this sector, such as office rental, minimum wage rates in the area of interest, transport fares, energy consumption cost, cargo freights and telecommunication cost.


Positive development in coal industry contributes to the improvement of the Indonesian economy. Current coal development activities take place in South Kalimantan, Riau, Central Kalimantan, Jambi and East Kalimantan. The investment opportunities available in each region can be seen in the following description:


  1. Coal Reserve (2006) : Indicated 4179.77 (Million Tons), Measured 5.30029 (Million Tons)
  2. Potential Locations: Riau, South Sumatra, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan.
  3. Land Status: Community and State Owned Lands
  4. Allocated Land Area
  5. Land in use
  6. Offered Opportunities.