Indonesian Diaspora Help Uncle Bob Family, Oklahoma Tornado Victims


?Houston - About 150 Indonesian diaspora communities in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, and surrounding areas gathered at a restaurant in Oklahoma City in order to garner support for families Njoo Bobby and Susan Njoo (fondly called Uncle Bob and Aunt Susan), senior Indonesian diaspora, Sunday (26 / 5/2013). Uncle Bob's family were victims of the Tornado that hit Oklahoma, U.S., on Monday last week.

Bobby and Susan's home is located in the city of Moore to the ground because the Tornado hit. Aid collected directly handed over to the family of Bobby after the show.

Consul General in Houston, Al Busyra Basnur and Wenny Busyra wife, who attended the event expressed his appreciation and thanks to the people of Indonesia since the disaster shows a great attention to Uncle Bob and Aunt Susan.

"It shows how strong the ties of friendship and brotherhood among the Indonesian diaspora abroad, particularly in the U.S.," said Consul General Al Busyra.

"Various groups and Indonesian society organizations ranging from Houston, Austin, Dallas, Tulsa and even outside the U.S., actively collecting donations for Uncle Bob and Aunt Susan," continued Al Busyra.

Consul General Al Busyra with Uncle Bob also visited ground zero Tornado, a close look at the former home which is now building in ruins and has been razed to the ground.

Earlier, Consul General Al Busyra Basnur with Indonesian volunteers consisting of Indonesian society and students, submit directly aid on behalf of the people of Indonesia to the tornado victims. Goods in the form of daily use were handed over to the Post Service Help Tornado in cities Moore, Oklahoma.

"The aid is intended to go together U.S. communities alleviate the tornado victims," ??said Al Busyra.

The donation came among others from Dhuafa Wallet, Indonesian Diaspora Network USA, Indonesian Diaspora Foundation, Indonesian Relief and various other community associations.

Indonesian society also opened a command post for the recipient Oklahoma Tornado victims in the residence of a citizen of Indonesia, Indra Adrianto starting May 23 to June 2, 2013.