Dozens of U.S. citizens will showcase Pencak Silat Proficiency in Houston


?Houston - pencak silat martial arts is not only in demand in the country. Native Indonesian martial arts is also a lot of demand in a number of countries. Like the dozens of U.S. citizens who have been studying martial arts since 10 years ago.

The plan, they will demonstrate mastery play martial arts moves in Indonesian Annual Bazaar event held Consulate General in Houston, USA, June 15, 2013.

They are university students Pencak Silat Dallas head teacher Ken Doc Dority. Silat is shown that Tiger Silat Minangkabau and Mande Muda. Bazaar itself is usually attended by about 2,500 people.

"It turns out the friend's lover Indonesian silat training in home garage Doc is very simple. Room was indeed able to accommodate 15 people, although it was a bit cramped," said Consul General in Houston, Al Busyra Basnur.

Last week, the Consul General of Al Busyra had visited the college martial arts training in the home Doc. According to him, they had been practicing martial arts for an average of 10 years. They regularly practice two times a month. Sometimes every week.

"We salute the spirit of those with high learning Indonesian silat. They need our support. Among the people, they are important actors in the U.S. Indonesian diplomacy. U.S. People just really love martial arts, we certainly need more of them," said Al Busyra.

Previously, Al Busyra also said Pencak Silat Dallas has also appeared in Indonesian Evening event held in collaboration with the Consulate General in Houston Harmonious Society of Indonesia (KMI) Dallas-Forth Worth and the University of Texas on 13 April 2013 ago.