Consul General in Houston Receive Honorary Citizen Award


?Houston - Mayor of Houston, Texas, United States, Annise D. Parker presented the award Honorary Citizen and Good Will Ambassador to the Consul General in Houston, Al Busyra Basnur. This award is evidence of the role of Indonesia is increasingly seen internationally.

The award was made in a special event at lunchtime in a prestigious Club in Houston, Wednesday (16/06/2013) yesterday. The event was attended by approximately 100 people, consisting of the Consul-General and Honorary Consuls of foreign countries that exist in Houston, government officials, businessmen and other community leaders.

Mayor Annise Parker said the Consul General Al Busyra Basnur has been instrumental and invaluable contribution to the advancement of the city of Houston.

Consul General considered successful in cementing the relationship between the government and the city of Houston is more closely with Indonesia, both in the field of economic, social and cultural.

Leflore Deane, Executive Director of Protocol and International Cooperation said that the city of Houston Consul General Al Busyra Basnur have relationships and extensive network with various groups and individuals in Houston, both with the government, public and private Houston.

Meanwhile Al Hoang, Houston City Council members said that the Consulate General in Houston most actively organizing various events and activities that involve a lot of people the city of Houston, which can easily enhance friendship and cooperation with the Indonesian Houston.

Peter Brown, a former economic adviser to the mayor of Houston said that Indonesia is increasingly recognized in Houston, especially because of the economic promotion activities organized consulate. He said Houston upbeat economic cooperation with Indonesia, the better.

Gordon Quan, a former Houston City Council member who is now active in many community activities and organizations recognize the role of the city of Houston Houston consulate in recent years is very significant in advancing relations with the Indonesian city of Houston.

After receiving the award, Al Busyra Basnur Consul General said that the award he received from the Mayor of Houston it is a recognition that Indonesia is increasingly seen, be concerned and considered more important for the government and the city of Houston and surrounding communities.

"I thank the people and the Indonesian diaspora in Houston and surrounding areas, because that's what my friends helped me a lot in various activities carried out consulate in Houston," said Al Busyra Basnur.