Indonesian Consulate continues to provide assistance for the 'loan shark' victims

Indonesian Consulate continues to provide assistance for the "loan shark" victims

Following up many Indonesian nationals fallen victim to the loan shark or practice of money lending with very high interest, the Consulate General of Indonesia continues to provide assistance and facilitation for them, especially in arranging the replacement of the travel document (passport).

Until currently (21/10), more than 500 Indonesian has reported to the Consulate as victim of loan shark known as "Mr. Lee". They requested the Consulate's aid in issuing a new travel documents, since their original passport was confiscated by the Hong Kong Police in the investigation of the illegal money lending operation.  

Speaking before a number of the loan shark victims in the Consulates' building on Sunday (21/10), Consul General of Indonesia Tri Tharyat stated that the Consulate is committed to assist and facilitate all of Indonesian Migrant Workers according to the the prevailing laws and regulations. 

"Until now, we have issued more than 350 travel documents to Indonesian Migrant Workers based on reports and verification conducted by the Consulate's team," he said. 

This effort is fully supported by the Indonesian government, which sent a team of immigration officers to assist the Consulate in verifying and issuing the replacement of travel documents for the migrant workers.  

Seeing many Philippines migrant workers also become victim of the practice, the Indonesian and the Philippine Consulate  work together to convey their concern to the Hong Kong Government.
"On the 3rd October, Indonesian Consulate and the Phillippines Consulate has met with the Chief Secretary of Administration, Mr. Matthew Cheung, to convey our concern regarding the many cases of illegal money lending with the migrant workers become the victims" state Tri Tharyat. 

He added that both Consulates requested the Government of Hong Kong to take strong actions against those practices, including legal prosecution. 

"We also mentioned that according to Indonesian dan Philippines law, the passport is a state property and must not be held by any parties except the rightful owner," Tri Tharyat added.

One of the Indonesian workers participate in the meeting with the Consul General conveyed her gratitude and appreciation to the Consulate General of Indonesia for its quick action in helping them acquired a new travel document.

I can now continue to work with ease of mind since I have gotten a new passport to replace my old passport that was confiscated by the police," she said.

The Hong Kong Police arrested a Hong Kong citizen last July for suspected in illegal money lending operation.  On this arrest, the police confiscated more than 800 Indonesian and Philippines passports, which are used as collateral.​