Celebrating Indonesian Culture through Traditional Fabrics


 “Every piece of fabric tells their own story and tradition, symbolizing cultural significance of different ethnics”, stated by the Consul General of Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong, Teguh Wardoyo, on his opening remarks on the occasion of kick-off ceremony of a mini exhibition, “Fascinating Indonesian Fabrics”, Wednesday (22/6) at Indonesia Promotion Center & Art Gallery (IPC), Indonesian Building, Causeway Bay.

Attending the ceremony were some Head of Missions in Hong Kong and diplomatic representatives, as well as Indonesian nationals in Hong Kong. The guests were not only enjoyed some Indonesian snacks, they were also entertained with Balinese dance, the Pendet Dance, performed by Indonesian students. Pendet Dance is also known as a welcoming dance among Balinese dances.

This exhibition displays a diverse number of Indonesian traditional fabrics; different regions in Indonesia have their own unique pattern and distinctive way to create fabrics and clothing. This is why Indonesia is very rich with numerous traditional fabrics. Weaving a meaningful history, the fascinating patterns are inherited from generation to generation, carefully preserved and elegantly unified with the current, modern life.

“Fascinating Indonesian Fabrics” exhibition is open daily for public on 23-28 June 2011, at 11 am to 8 pm (except Saturday). During the exhibition, visitor can see the beauty of Balinese Prada, woven fabrics of Toraja, batik from Solo, Pekalongan and Cirebon and many other fabrics from Indonesian archipelago. Special feature of the exhibition is the display of traditional batik hand painting equipments and video explaining how to create a hand-painted batik. This exhibition also featured Minangkabau (West Sumatera) wedding costumes and traditional dress of Bugis (Sulawesi), known as “Baju Bodo”.

Indonesia Promotion Center & Art Gallery, located on the ground floor of Indonesian Building (on Leighton Road side) serves as the center for Indonesian promotional events organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong. Previously the Consulate General also arranged in IPC a solo painting exhibition by Sry Hadhy as well as a Minahasa (North Sulawesi) cultural event.