Legalization of Documents

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Helsinki receives request for legalization of official documents for the purpose of official use in Indonesia or Finland or Estonia.




  1. Complete set of the original document which has already been legalized by the following institutions:

    • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, or
    • Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian Luar Negeri RI)


  1. Complete copy of the document for the Embassy’s file and reference

  2. Receipt of bank transfer payment:

  • ​Legalization of Original or Copy of Documents Issued by, or has been legelized by the Indonesian Authorities: Free of charge.
  • Legalization of Original or Copy of Documents Issued by Foreign Entities (Bussiness-Related Documents): € 125
  • Legalization of Original or Copy of Documents Issued by Foreign Entities (non-Bussiness-Related Documents): € 25

please click here for complete list of fees charged by the Embassy as of 6 January 2017 ​


Submitting Document for Legalization


Applicant or their agent present the complete set of document at the Consular Service Counter at the Embassy of Indonesia in Helsinki. Application must be submitted between Monday to Friday from 09:30 – 12:30, except on Indonesian and Finnish public holidays. No appointment is required to submit your application.


Application may also be submitted through postal service to our Embassy through this postal address:


Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia c/o Consular Section

Kuusisaarantie 3, 00340 Helsinki

Phone : +358-9-4770370

Fax : +358-9-4582882


Please always use the registered post when sending your application. After the document is ready, there is an option of having the document to be returned via postal service. To do so, please enclose a self-addressed return envelope (registered) with an attached stamp. The document will be sent to the address specified on the self-addressed envelope.


Processing Time


Please allow 1 (one) business/working day for the legalization processing time to take place, provided that all requirements are met. This period excludes the period needed for delivery by post.


Consular Fee Payment


All Consular Fee payment must be made through bank transfer or deposit to our account as follow:


Name of Bank: Danske Bank

Payment made to: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

IBAN: FI37 8000 1271 1105 05

Account no: 8000 1271 1105 05


Please indicate the reason for payment by using the format as follow:


Payment_Type of Service Requested Name of Applicant

(example:Payment_Legalization Abc Oy)


The Embassy cannot accept cash or credit card payment for any of its services. Any request for consular service whose payment is not made through bank transfer or deposit, will be returned to the applicant and the request will not be processed.


Please note that once payment has been made, fees are non-refundable at any circumstances.