The Beauty of the Flowers commemorate the 50th Years of Bilateral Relations with Indonesia


The Beauty of the Flowers commemorate the 50th Years of Bilateral Relations with Indonesia
On January 22, 2010, Cuba launched a new stamp to commemorate the 50th years of bilateral relations with Indonesia. The cancellation ceremony took place in Casa de la Amistad (the House of Friendship) in the capital Havana. 


The Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga and Vice Minister for Information and Communication Alberto Rodriguez Arufe as well as the Ambassador of Indonesia Banua Radja Manik put their signatures to officially launch the commemorative stamp.  


The commemorative stamp bears the picture of both countries’ national flowers and flags.  It depicted the Cuban national flower “Mariposa” and Indonesian “Melati”.  The stamp was designed by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Cuba and it will be distributed in Cuban territory with a value of 0.85 Cuban pesos.  


The launching ceremony was attended by parliament members, government officials, NGOs, foreign dignitaries, and the press.  The ceremony was organized and facilitated by the Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos (ICAP/Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People) in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Communication of Cuba (MIC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba (MINREX), the Cuban Postal Museum (Museo Postal de Cuba) and the Ministry of Culture (Ministerio de Cultura).

In this occasion, two Cuban girls performed a beautiful rendition of Pendet, a welcoming dance from Bali.  


Afterward, the Angklung Orchestra from the “Jose White” Music Conservatory of Camaguey Province performed several Indonesian and Cuban songs eloquently.  The Orchestra whose players are the teachers and students of the Conservatory was founded in 2006 after the Conservatory received a set of Angklung from the Embassy of Indonesia. 

While enjoying Indonesian cuisine, the guests also learn the history and culture of Indonesia through the exhibition of Indonesian stamps collection from the Cuban Postal Museum.     


Before the ceremony ended, a guest spontaneously said “The flower of friendship is beautiful indeed”.  (source: Indonesian Embassy in Havana)