Indonesian participation at Cuban International Fair of Handicrafts (FIART 2009) in Havana, from 10 – 20 December 2009


Indonesia took part in the Cuban International Fair of Handicrafts (FIART 2009 – Feria Internacional de Artesanía) in Havana, Cuba, from 10 till 20 December 2009.


FIART is a fair held in Cuba every year, to exhibit and sell handicraft products, not only of Cuba but also of other countries, mainly from the Latin American region. This year’s Fair had the participation of 17 countries, among others South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Namibia, Panama, Peru, Spain and Venezuela.


The Indonesian stand exhibited a variety of national handicraft products, women’s fashion and accessories, among others Batik cloth, Batik garments, fans made of leather, hand bags with batik design, purses and a number of decorations. All these products could be admired by the Cuban public.


As regards the number and variety of participants, an increase has been observed in this year’s edition of FIART, as compared with last year. This has been primarily due to the presence of new participants from India, Iran, Namibia and South Africa. The event also has the participation of the World Craft Council that is an institution affiliated to the UNESCO in matters of handicrafts