Indonesia and Cuban Children Celebrate Their Special Day Together


“Indonesian style sausage and fried chicken is so yummy” said a student from “Escuela Primeria Republica de Indonesia” in Marti, Mantanzas Province.  Indonesian sausage and fried chicken in Mantanzas?  Yes, you read it right.
On 22 July 2009, the Embassy of Indonesia with assistance from MINREX (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba) and local education office organized a Children Day celebration in the school that bears the name of the country as a tribute to the President Soekarno visit to Cuba in 1960.  The President of Indonesia is the first foreign head of government to visit Cuba after the Revolution.
The Children Day celebration filled with many activities.  Indonesian children performed a traditional Indonesian folklore entitled “Timun Emas” (Golden Cucumber). It is a story about a brave little girl who fought an evil giant to save her parent and friends.  The Indonesian children, whom many went to Cuban primary school, also sang the national anthem of both countries, the “Bayamo” and “Indonesia Raya”.  They also sang some Indonesian songs and recite an Indonesian poem in Spanish language.  To make the celebration more festive, Indonesian Ladies Association in Havana prepared Indonesian cuisine that specially made for children.
In return, the Cuban children performed a hilarious comedy, recite Cuban poems and as a special treat, played several songs with Angklung, the Indonesian traditional musical instrument.
The celebration ended with all children participated in Indonesian traditional games that brought laughter to this peaceful village of Valdivieso.  It was a very merry day.
The Cuban children said they really had a good time because they could meet and played with Indonesian children.  To their surprise, the Indonesian children were not so different from them even thought they came from a country so far away from Cuba. That made them really want to know more about Indonesia.
For Indonesian children, the Children Day celebration this year was a very memorable one.  They met with new friends and could learn about rural life in Cuba.  One day, they said, they want to go back again to visit their new friends.
A bridge that unites both countries for over 50 years of fraternity had once again been reinforced by the friendship of the future generation of leaders.  As the Embassy’s bus left the village of Valdivieso, one thing is certain that the future of bilateral relation lies in the hand of these children.
Feliz Día de los Niños!  Selamat Hari Anak!

About Indonesian National Children Day

National Children Day in Indonesia is celebrated annually, every 23rd of July, based on the Presidential Decree No. 44 year 1984.
The spirit of the National Children Day is to respect, promote and protect the children rights.  Promotion and protection of the Children rights is always be the main concern of the People and Government of Indonesia.  The Article 28B of the 1945 Constitution clearly stipulated that the state must protect the children rights.
Indonesia ratified the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (CRC) in 1990 and there are domestic laws to ensure that all Indonesian children’s rights are protected.
The National Children Day is aimed to involve all components of society in the promotion and protection of the rights of the children.
This year’s celebration theme is: “Indonesian children shall be creative, innovative, and excellence to face future challenges”.
About Angklung Program

For reader’s information, the school is participating in the Embassy’s Angklung Program that begun since 2008.  The Program’s aimed to train tachers and students of the “Republica de Indonesia” Primary Schools to learn how to play the Indonesian musical instrument.  Beside the school in Marti, there are two other schools that participated, namely the “Republica de Indonesia” Primary Schools in the Municipality of Guanajay (Province of Havana) and the “Republica de Indonesia” Primary Schools at the Municipality of Jaguey Grande (Province of Mantanzas).  Professor Eugenio Silva Santiago from the “Jose White” Conservatorium of Music in Camaguey is the principal tutor of the Program.