A Remarkable Children’s Day for the Indonesian Ladies in Havana


On July 9, 2012 to celebrate the Indonesian National Children’s Day, Indonesian ladies association Dharma Wanita Perautan led by its chair person Madam Lucia Sendang Tutiani, paid a visit to Presencia de Lenin (Lenin’s Presence), a home for children without family support (orphanage), one of the four  of its kind  in Havana city.

The ladies were welcomed by the Head of the care center, Mayelin Dieguez, and made a tour around the house, made up by four large rooms and occupied by 17 children (8 girls and 9 boys), who live there until they reach working age(18 years old) and are able to support themselves.   The house is staffed by a team of educational psychiatrist and health specialist, who works 24 hours in order to assist the children.  The Orphanage is supported by the Cuban Government and has been carrying out a remarkable work through the years.   As Mayelin Dieguez said: "It is a job done with a very big heart, because it requires love, abnegation and sacrifice". 

As a historical background, it is interesting to mention that the orphanage house was the former residence of a millionaire named Castro Palomino, who left the country at the Triumph of the Revolution, on January 1st, 1959.  The millionaire abandoned his house which has original furniture of former president Ramón Grau San Martín (1899-1969). In 1997, the former Minister of Culture, Armando Hart Davalos, designated the house and its historical furniture to the benefit of children.  At present, the house is expected to be repaired and preserved.

Any help is always well received, and the Indonesian ladies gave their support to them, through the delivery of provisioning and gifts for the children. As Madam Lucia Sendang said "We are happy for being here with you and have the opportunity to share this special moment"

The visit was part of the program of the Indonesian ladies association, Dharma Wanita Persatuan, to share joy with the Cuban children and to teach social responsibility to its members.  Indonesian celebrated National Children Day on July 23rd each year since 1984, to encourage all components of society in the promotion and protection of children’s right.

The ladies had talks with some of the children and took some pictures with them, in a good and pleasant environment, being a fruitful and an unforgettable visit.  Happy Children Day for everyone.