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President Yudhoyono discusses creating healthy society


President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono discussed ongoing efforts to create a healthy society during the coordination meeting of the Ministry of Health.

To create a healthy society, there are many precautions and measures that need to be enacted to ensure public health remains a national goal, the president said.

"It will become very important, rather than waiting for a person to become ill and then be treated at a hospital," he said.

Yudhoyono also said that the government has as a priority to improve people`s health programs to make them easier and simpler in providing services.

"The health service that we are trying to improve is a quality service, accessible by the community, reaching out to the public, inexpensive and free for the poor," he added.

The President`s visit during the ministry`s coordinating meeting is part of a series of presidential meetings with a number of ministries and state agencies during the first and third week of the Ramadan month to measure the performance of the ministries and agencies.

During the coordination meeting, the president asked the minister or head of the institution to describe the current year's work program, future program planning, budget use and other problems that arise.

"I will see it directly and will critique what needs to be criticized and also submit relevant recommendations during any available opportunity," he said.