Indonesia backs indigenisation programme



Indonesia has endorsed Zimbabwe’s indigenisation and economic empowerment programme, saying it is the right of citizens of any nation to have total control of their natural resources.

Although Zimbabwe has been vilified by the West for taking a tough stance regarding the issue of indigenisation and economic empowerment, progressive nations such as Indonesia say the initiative is a step in the right direction towards achieving total independence.

Indonesian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Cde Eddy Poerwana whose country also has a similar programme, says foreigners should not be allowed to be in charge of the means of production, but should only come in as investors or partners under the agreed share ownership structures.

“We are saying the country is doing a good thing in ensuring that locals have total control of their wealth. The foreigners should only come in as investors we are doing the same in our country,” he said.

Cde Poerwana also took the opportunity to congratulate Zimbabwe on attaining thirty two years of independence saying his county is willing to broaden the scope of cooperation to other economic sectors.

He said, “Under the leadership of President Mugabe Zimbabwe has done a lot and we say congratulations on your Independence day. We hope that we will increase cooperation in various sectors.”

In 2008, Zimbabwe enacted legislation to ensure that the majority of Zimbabweans have 51% shareholding in various business ventures with foreigners having the remainder.

The indigenisation and economic empowerment programme which has gathered momentum has seen the establishment of community share ownership trusts marking the implementation stage of the programme.

The United States and its European allies which were against the programme have since been reminded  that they have no moral authority to comment on Zimbabwe's indigenisation programme because they imposed illegal sanctions on the country.