Tobacco earns US$48,5m


Agriculture Reporter

Zimbabwe exported 12,1 million kg of tobacco during the first three months of this year, earning the country US$48,5 million. According to statistics from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board, 12 171


427 kg of flue cured tobacco was exported to 31 countries at an average price of US$3,98 per kg.  The statistics indicate that South Africa, Indonesia, China and Belgium are topping the list of export markets.


As at March 9, Zimbabwe had exported 2,3 million kg to South Africa at an average price of US$3,08 per kg.
Indonesia bought 1,9 million kg worth US$10,1 million at an average price of US$5,45 per kg.


China bought 13,5 million kg of tobacco at US$7,43 per kg and Belgium 1,6 million kg  at US$1,43 per kg.


China is offering the highest price of US$7,43 per kg followed by Hong Kong offering US$6,70 per kg, Netherlands US$6,62 per kg and Azerbaijan offering US$6,01 per kg.