Kendang and Jimbe play “Santai” in Harare



Located at the Alliance Francais, Harare, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia became one of the sponsors for the musical collaboration performance held on 17 January 2015. Pak Sukristianto Hari Kusminto, one of the staff at the Embassy in Harare who is also a music and dance artist, collaborated with local artists from Zimbabwe, Sweden and Austria in a performance entitled Amazwekazi Amathathu or Performances from 3 Continents. Africa is represented by Zimbabwe, Europe is represented by Sweden and Austria, while Asia is represented by Indonesia.
Jimbe, original musical instrument from Zimbabwe, and kendang were played harmoniously creating a cheerful atmosphere, with occasional accompaniment of gongs, flutes and gamelan, in addition to the accompaniment of modern instruments such as guitar and bass. One Indonesian dangdut song titled "Santai" by Roma Irama successfully played by this musical collaboration. The collaboration also played traditional Zimbabwean and Austrian songs. Besides music, the show was also accompanied by a dance collaboration between dance artists from Zimbabwe and Sweden and invited a famous Zimbabwean artist as a guest star, Hope Masike, who has the ability to sing and play musical instruments Mbira.
Ambassador Stephanus Yuwono and family also attended the event and enjoyed the performance. As one of the sponsors of the event, the Embassy was allocated a booth for Indonesian tourism promotion and attracted enough visitors to ask about Indonesia. The performance was attended by approximately 50 people and they were enthusiastic of this performance. This traditional musical collaboration has brought a long distance to become close at heart.