Indonesian artistes at Hifa


Arts Correspondent,
Saturday, 4 May 2013
INDONESIAN artistes have fallen in love with the Harare International Festival of the Arts as witnessed by an increase in the number of artistes performing at this year’s festival. Last year, one of the internationally acclaimed singers from Indonesia, Indra, performed at Hifa.
This year one of the dance groups from Indonesia — Fire Crown — left people clamouring for more after a scintillating performance on Thursday night. The group performed a show titled Parang Garudo which speaks about the history of the king of Java.


It also speaks about batik which is Indonesia’s national dress. The group is well known the world over and has performed at other international festivals in Korea and the Indonesia Dance Festival.
In an interview, leader of the group Sukristianto  Hari Kusminto said; he enjoyed his maiden show in Zimbabwe. “This is our first show in Zimbabwe and we really enjoyed it. Apart from performing in Zimbabwe, we have performed at other international festivals in various countries,” he said.
Zimbabwe, Hari said, had good weather conditions which are favourable for the arts industry. Apart from performing, Hari said he was also a composer.
Members of his group included Elisabeth Mila, Ari Ersandi and Mega Listari. Earlier, another group of the world’s best poets largely composed of Indonesians, recited world-class poems.
The poems were recited under the sub-theme “What is Poetry?”
One of the poets, Dorothea Rosa Hereiany, from Indonesia recited a poem titled “Mother”
Indonesian Poets from left - right: Dorothe Rose Herliany, Samar Gantang & Saut Situmorang