Indonesian Ambassador Visit Indonesians in Lusaka and Livingstone


?Since there are not many Indonesian citizens lived in Lusaka, Zambia, so Indonesian community here is closely knit. Indonesians in Lusaka work in various fields, e.g. mining, clergymen, as well as in international organizations. The arrival of the new Indonesian Ambassador for Zimbabwe and Zambia, Ambassador Stephanus Yuwono has been highly expected, since they need an occasion to mingle with fellow Indonesian citizens.

The meeting was also attended by the Honorary Consul of Indonesia in Zambia, Mr. Levy Zulu. During the meeting, the Ambassador said that the Embassy’s duty was to protect citizens abroad. Therefore, the ambassador hoped that communication with the Embassy needs to be maintained.
During a visit to Livingstone, Zambia, the Ambassador met with 6 clergymen who have worked for some times in Livingstone. Some of them have worked for more than 20 years and served in various churches in remote areas in Livingstone. Some of them need to travel over 100 miles just to be together with fellows Indonesian citizens and met the Ambassador of Indonesia.
The Ambassador expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the clergymen to help the local community, both to strengthen their religion and to improve the lives of local communities through knowledge dissemination in farming which are adapted to local conditions. The clergy are also grateful for the attention and support from the Indonesian Embassy in Harare for them so far, either directly or through the long-distance communication.