Harare Mayor Wants to Strengthen Relations with Indonesia

Ambassador Stephanus Yuwono met with the Mayor of Harare, Bernard Manyenyeni in the Mayor's Office in Harare on 12 October 2015.

Ambassador Yuwono expressed his gratitude for the meeting opportunity and said that the city of Harare is a nice city with fresh air and without congestion.

Harare mayor was grateful for flattery to Harare and looked forward to working with cities in Indonesia, especially the Indonesian capital city, Jakarta. Ambassador Yuwono said that Indonesia is currently in full swing to build, not only in the capital, but also in various regions in Indonesia, given the Indonesian government needs to provide a decent life for approximately 252 million populations.
The Ambassador also promote Indonesia's economy which continues to increase, the security in general, and also the Indonesian tourist destinations which are well-
known internationally.
Mayor Manyenyeni hoped that bilateral relations between Indonesia and Zimbabwe can be improved so that it will give impact for the City of Harare to achieve a developed city.