Govt Assures Partners of Credible Polls, Mr. Pande was speaking when he presented a letter of commission to Levi Zulu as a Honorary Consul for the Republic of Indonesia in Lusaka


Government has assured foreign cooperating partners that it was resolved to conduct peaceful and credible tripartite elections this year.
Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Pande assured Zambia's partners that government remains committed to ensuring that this year's elections are held in a peaceful and transparent manner.
Mr. Pande was speaking when he presented a letter of commission to Levi Zulu as a Honorary Consul for the Republic of Indonesia in Lusaka today.

The Honorable Kabinga Pande,  Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister  welcomes H.E. Mr. Eddy Poerwana and his entourage
He stated that peace was a cardinal element for attracting investment in the country's economy and should therefore be promoted by all well meaning Zambians.

He said President Banda has demonstrated good and wise leadership by preaching peace before this year's tripartite elections.

And Mr. Pande has said Zambia considers Asia in general and Indonesia in particular as a source of investment.

He said it is for this reason that the Zambia government will continue to interact with all other continents to attract more investment into the country.

He also commended Indonesia for its technical assistance to Zambia in various sectors of the economy.

( Thursday 14th July 2011, source: )
Indonesia's Ambassador to Zambia and Zimbabwe, Eddy Poerwana says his country is impressed with Zambia's continued economic growth and stability.
"I am working hard to ensure that more Indonesian investment comes to Zambia for benefit of our two countries.  I have seen a number of Indonesian products, especially at Manda Hill, but they are expensive.  Therefore, I am sure that more Indonesian investment will reduce prices of our products in Zambia," Mr. Poerwana said.
He said this at the inauguration ceremony of Mr. Zulu as Indonesia's honorary consul in Zambia.  Mr. Poerwana said his government is working on possibilities of opening an embassy in Zambia to facilitate trade and investment between two countries.
He said he is hopeful that Indonesians in Zambia will, through Mr. Zulu, facilitate the maintenance of cordial relations that exist between the two countries.
And Mr. Zulu said he has humbly accepted to be alink between the people of Zambia and Indonesia.
He said his desire is to promote existing cordial relation between Zambia and Indonesia and enhance the two countries social and economic ties.  (Saturday, 16 July 2011, source: Zambia Daily Mail)
A brief about Mr. Levi Zulu
I am rural boy; I came from the eastern part of Zambia. I came to Lusaka when I was young to attend schools thanks to the policies implemented by the Government of President Kaunda, which was at the time promoting the development of the rural area giving scholarships and grants to study in Lusaka.

I received my Bachelor in Civil Engineering at the University of Lusaka. And after my graduation I went to work for a mining company. Following this labour experience in the mining sector, I worked for a German Engineering company called Gulf and I spent 5 years in Botswana until when I became the Managing Director of   Burrow-Bini in Zambia. And in 1999 I became the CEO of the company acquiring a percentage of shareholding of the company.

His Company
Our company was founded in 1963 when John Burrow decided to establish a consulting engineering company specialized in designing roads and airways.  In April 1993 the corporate structure of the company changed as a result of the acquisition of majority shareholding by the company Binnie & Partners of the UK. So it was renamed Burrow Binnie Ltd.  In January 1999, majority shareholding was transferred to indigenous Zambians and subsequently the Company changed its name to Zulu Burrow Development Consultants Limited.

Zulu Burrow is a consulting engineering firm and we have a strong expertise in Zambia in airways and airports. And we are also specialized in water structure and socio-economic studies.  Our main client is the government of Zambia. We have also done works for the World Bank and the European Union.  We are running at the moment a joint venture with a company from Japan called Jaica for the development of two runways projects.

Our vision is based in consolidating not just engineering but also the socio-economic impact of engineering products. We believe that engineering solutions have to be supported by the socio-economic solutions. In fact when you build a road or a bridge you are doing it for the community of the territory where the project is set up. So they have to be aware that the project is for them and that it will help them in term of community development. As you can understand this is the combination of engineering and socio-economic aspects that lead to the economic and social development of all the society.