Seminar hails religious tolerance



Various members of the Diplomatic Corp in Zimbabwe say fostering religious ties and tolerance has enhanced the country’s reputation as a peaceful nation.

This came out at an Interfaith Dialogue Seminar hosted by the Cultural Centre of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in collaboration with the Secretariat for Interfaith Dialogue Among Religions in Zimbabwe.

The event was held at the University of Zimbabwe.

The Indonesia Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Eddy Poerwana, said both Zimbabwe and Indonesia serve as good examples of how religious tolerance can advance the reputation of a country as a respecter of human dignity.

Also present at the seminar were the Indian and Iran ambassadors who said there is need for religious tolerance to stretch into other religions regarded as minor in their respective countries.

University of Zimbabwe Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Mr. Francis Mabire, said the inter dialogue seminar is crucial for the enhancement of inter-religious harmony.

The seminar sought to elaborate the role of religion in consolidating peace, human dignity, conflict mitigation and tolerance with participants drawn from the academia, religious clerics, diplomats and government officials.