Indonesian Cultural Week and Art Exchange Performance in Hanoi


Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country with rich cultural heritage and large population inhibiting more than 6.000 of 17.000 islands.  Vietnam and Indonesia share several advantages namely huge population, increasing economic achievements, rising purchasing power parity, abundant natural resources and members of ASEAN. The relation of traditional friendship and cooperation between the two countries have been shown in all fields, including politics, economics, education, security, defense, and especially in the field of culture and society. The two countries have continuously supported each other in globally as well as regionally especially towards the establishment of the ASEAN Community in 2015 as "One vision, one identity, one community."
Towards the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Indonesia in 2015, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Vietnam, H.E Mayerfas, launched the "Week of Indonesian Culture in Vietnam" and Vietnam Dance College and Vietnam National Academy of Music were selected as the venue to promote the culture of this beautiful country. On 2nd December 2014, the artists from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia led by Ms. Mieke Saptawati, Head of the Culture Department, Bandung Regency Government, West Java, held a dance workshop to exchange with officials, lecturers and students in Vietnam Dance College. In the morning, the Indonesian artists were introduced to Jaipongan, a traditional dance of Sunda, West Java, Indonesia. This dance is divided into two categories, the one for women is called Mojang Priangan and Maung Lugay is for men. The dance for women includes feminine and soft movements that express the beauty of an Indonesian woman. In contrast to the strong actions as a king of the jungle, show the courage and triumph of men.
The morning workshop ended with interesting exchanges and eagerness waiting for the evening performances in the same day at the Vietnam Dance College. The Indonesia Cultural Night at Vietnam Dance College was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador, Mr. Mayerfas, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam, Mr. Vuong Duy Bien, President of Vietnam Dancers' Association, Ms. Chu Thuy Quynh, and also the lecturers and students of Vietnam Dance College as well as the members of the Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi.
Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Vuong Duy Bien affirmed that Vietnam and Indonesia have a long-standing relationship. And in 2013, that relationship was elevated to a strategic partnership. This is an important event, contributing to strengthen ties between the two countries.
On behalf of the Management Board of Vietnam Dance College, People Artist Nguyen Van Quang gave a profound appreciation to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for giving this opportunity and creating conditions for the lectures and students to approach to the diverse culture of Indonesia. This event gave students and lecturers more knowledge and understanding about the culture and people of Indonesia.
Through the performances of the artists, we can see a modern Indonesia is still preserving the customary and cultural traditions of the ancestors through dance, music, religion and daily activities. These movements are performed by gifted dancers, emotional combined with very own music. Each dance contains a story of their own, the story of religion, country and people of Indonesia from ancient time to the present day.
Following the success of the first performance at Vietnam Dance College, the second performance in the framework of the Indonesia Cultural Week in Vietnam was continued with the musical workshop at traditional instrument faculty, Vietnam National Academy of Music on 3/12/2014. The exchange workshop received large attention from the students of traditional instruments faculty because of the similarity in structure between the Indonesian and Vietnamese traditional instruments, but the sounds were completely separate and unique. In addition, lecturers and students of Vietnam National Academy of Music were also excited about gifts received by Indonesian artists, which were Kacapi Suling flutes. Then the Indonesian artists were in cooperation with Doctor-Distinguished Artist Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa Dang and Vietnamese students of traditional instrument faculty to conduct an exclusive performance for the second concert of the Indonesia Cultural Week on 4 December 2014.
The second concert took place at the Concert Hall, Vietnam National Academy of Music in a wonderful cozy atmosphere with the participation of students and music lovers in Hanoi. Coming to the second show, the audience was enjoying the unique and smooth tone from Indonesian as well as Vietnamese traditional instruments. Unlike dance performances introduced in the first show, this time the Indonesia artist brought to performances extremely wonderful and lively sounds that made listeners impressed and interested in.
The cultural exchange has a positive effect in the friendship between Vietnam and Indonesia. Minister Counselor Sadikin said he felt very happy that the program had gone well and hoped in the future, many groups of Indonesian artists will come to Vietnam to communicate with Vietnamese artists in order to enhance mutual understanding between Indonesia and its close neighbor and friend, Vietnam.