Indonesian Ambassador and his family Experiencing Tet Festival


On 20 January 2012, VTV4 Channel of the Vietnam Television carried out an interview program with the Ambassador Designate of the Republic of Indonesia to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Mr. Mayerfas and his family members at the Ambassador’s residence on the occasion of the approaching TET Festival.

Ambassador Mayerfas said he was very glad that he had arrived in Hanoi just a few days before the TET Festival of Vietnamese people. Even though Ambassador Mayerfas had visited Vietnam for quite a few times, but this was his first TET here, and he felt truly excited by the way Vietnamese people were preparing for TET. In his residence, Ambassador and his family were also preparing and decorating a peach blossom tree and kumquat tree, which are the symbols of lucks and happiness for the family in the New Year.

Ambassador Mayerfas also shared with VTV4 audience that during his term as the Ambassador of Indonesia to Vietnam, he would focus on maintaining and further upholding the traditional friendship and bilateral relations between the two countries. Ambassador will work closely with his colleagues at the Embassy as well as the Vietnamese friends and counterparts to make great efforts to expand Vietnam - Indonesia cooperation in all aspects, including politics, economics, socio-culture, education and tourism. He would also continue to strengthen the mutual understanding and exchange between the people of the two countries by organizing fruitful activities with the focus on people-to-people contacts.

On the occasion of the TET Festival, Ambassador Mayerfas extended to all Vietnamese friends the best wishes for this New Year with good lucks, health, happiness, success, prosperity, safe and sound. And as the Year of Dragon was approaching, it was Ambassador’s sincere hope that both Indonesia and Vietnam would develop more sustainably and would be better off in this year, and our bilateral relations would be lifted to a higher level for the mutual benefits and welfare of our peoples. Ambassador concluded by saying “Happy New Year - Chúc m?ng Nam M?i.”