Indonesia and Vietnam enhance friendship through people ties


The newly Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam, Mayerfas, March 5, 2012, met with Chairman of the VUFO (Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations), Mr. Vu Xuan Hong in his office in Hanoi. Although it was the first time they met, but the atmosphere of friendship and close relations between them were obvious.

Since the beginning of the meeting, Ambassador Mayerfas and Chairman of VUFO, Hong talks flowed just like they were old friends. However, the substance of the talks related to efforts to further enhance bilateral relations,especially relations between communities of both countries also continue to flow.

VUFO Chairman said he would give full support to Ambassador Mayerfas in carrying out his missions. They agreed that relations and cooperation between Indonesia, Vietnam can be improved through the relationship of the communities (people-to-people contanct) between the two countries. According to them, this can be done by encouraging the Vietnamese tourist to visit Indonesia and the Indonesian tourist to visit Vietnam.

There were about 50.000 Indonesian people visited Vietnam in 2011. And about 35.000 Vietnamese went to Indonesia at the same year.

Also present at the meeting, Vice Chairman of Vietnam-Indonesia Friendship Association and Vice Chairman of the VUFO.

Photo captions:

Ambassador Mayerfas (left) when received by the Chairman of the VUFO, Vu Xuan Hong in officeVUFO, 5/3/12. Photo: I Nyoman Gurnitha