?On March 16, 2013, coinciding with the 25thbirthday of the United Nations International School (UNIS), it has been organized "UNIS Spring Fair 2013"’s bazaar at UNIS complex and coordinated by UNIS parents from various countries, including Indonesia parents diaspora. Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi working with DWP (Indonesian Women’s Association) and the Indonesian society has opened a booth in these activities, by selling Indonesian food, such as chicken satay, fried noodles, prawn crackers and risoles and typical products of Indonesia, such as batik and batik cloth.

Besides Indonesia, recorded several other countries participated in the bazaar, including from the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam. The event opened at 10.30 with the release of balloons by UNIS Principal, Dr. Chip Barder. The bazaar has been attended by more than 600 visitors from the various nations in Hanoi and the Vietnamese themselves.
The opportunity to participate in the event, has been utilized Embassy to foster unity among the diaspora of Indonesia in Hanoi and to promote Indonesia among the international community at UNIS. Booth of Indonesia coordinated by the Chairman of the DWP in Hanoi, together with other Indonesian parents diaspora, has been providing chicken satay, fried noodles, risoles, prawn crackers, and a variety of products such as batik batik cloth, batik shirt, batik blouse, batik shawl, and brochures of Indonesia. Before 15:00 noon, meals of Indonesia has been sold, especially the satay. The benefit of the food’s selling will be submitted to the committee, which will be distributed to schools, orphanages and elderly homes. Support and facilitation in booth of Indonesia at the bazaar is expected to improve Indonesia's image in the international community at UNIS, Hanoi which has students from over 35 countries.
Embassy regularly participating in the international bazaar at UNIS. UNIS is an international school in Hanoi, with students from the diplomatic and expatriate community. Promotion of Indonesia will be continued by the parents of Indonesian’s student in UNIS, in collaboration with the Embassy and the DWP, to enhance the image and interest in Indonesia among the various peoples of the UNIS.
Booth of Indonesia is always in demand by the visitors in the activity bazaar at UNIS. Display of unique decorations of Indonesia, have received appreciation from the visitors. The growing attention of Indonesian booth in UNIS’ bazaarin November 2012, resulted in winning the award for the second best booth from other participants. Not to mention the typical Indonesian food such as satay is also very popular in the activities of the bazaar.
Embassy will continue to utilize a variety of means as the promotion of Indonesia, to improve the understanding of Indonesia in Vietnam.