Darmasiswa  RI  program  is  a  scholarship  program  offered  by  the  Indonesian
government to foreign students from countries which have diplomatic relationship with
Indonesia  to  study  Bahasa  Indonesia,  traditional  music,  traditional  dance,  and
Indonesian craft. The candidate is allowed to decide the higher institutions (universities)
which carry out the program.
DARMASISWA is a non-degree scholarship program offered to all foreign students from
countries which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia to study Bahasa Indonesia,
arts,  music,  crafts  and  particular  subject  in  46  selected  Indonesian  Higher  Education
Institutions  in  different  cities  in  Indonesia.  This  program organized  by  the  Ministry  of
Education and Culture (MoEC) in Cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).
The  main  purpose  of  the  Darmasiswa  program  is  to  increase  and  foster  interest  in
Bahasa  Indonesia  and Indonesian  culture  among  citizens  from other  countries. It  has
also  been  designed  to  enhance  mutual  understanding  and  provide  stronger  cultural
link among different countries. The interest of international students to participate in this
program  keep  increasing  year  by  year,  especially  in  the  last  five  years  as  can  been
seen  as  the  following  table.  Darmasiswa  Scholarship  Program  is  conducted  in  two
schemes, i.e :