Journalist Visa

Foreign Media Journalist Visit Procedures in Indonesia

Journalist Visa

Journalist Visa is issued to foreign journalists/reporters who intend to enter Indonesia for media coverage and filming purposes. This visa could be obtained at the Indonesian Embassy/Consulates or missions at the country where the applicant resides, or, at the nearest country if none. Procedures to obtain Journalist Visa are as follows:

A. Journalists/foreign media should apply for journalist visa in Indonesian Mission.

B. Applicant should fill the visa application form provided at the Embassy/representative office, passport-sized photo and submit:

  1. Sponsor letter from his/her News Agency/Editor stating the purpose of journalist visit to Indonesia, the employment period, places to be visited/covered, and the date/schedule of coverage, the permanent or temporary address of the correspondent in Indonesia;
  2. Company profile, crew list and their position;
  3. Curriculum vitae of the correspondent;
  4. List of other corresspondents and their positions in Indonesia;
  5. List of family member(s) (if any);
  6. Copy of passport of every crew member (valid more than 6 months at time of scheduled entry in Indonesia);
  7. Recent photograph(s) of correspondent(s) and family member(s)—passport-sized photo;
  8. Office address in Indonesia;
  9. Synopsis or background information of the story/documentation, and the actual journalism activity/movie shooting has to be in accordance and cannot deviate to the synopsis;
  10. List of equipment (if any) brought by the applicant to Indonesia;
  11. List of informant who will be referenced in film shooting/journalistic activity;
  12. Recent sample of works on Indonesia;
  13. Signing a statement letter stating:
    • Agree and obey all relevant national and local regulations especially the ones regulating holy places, national parks and other intended places;
    • The applicant shall give one release copy of film shooting result to Indonesian Missions, after completing the film.
    • Please be informed that there will be entrance fee for national parks, temples and cultural objects.

C. Applicant(s) will be further informed by the Embassy/representative office regarding the date and time to collect his/her visa, and will issue a notification letter concerning the applicants.

Guangzhou, January 2017




A. 记者或外国媒体应该在印度尼西亚代表处申请记者签证。

B. 申请人需要在大使馆或代表处办公室填写签证申请表,并提交护照照片及以下材料:

  1. 由申请人新闻社或编辑出具的担保函,须说明申请人前往印尼的访问目的、访问停留时间、访问或拍摄地点,以及在印尼的永久或临时地址;
  2. 公司简介、工作人员名单并写明各自职位;
  3. 申请人个人简历;
  4. 受访人员名单及他们在印尼的职位;
  5. 申请人随行家属名单(如果有随行家属的话);
  6. 每位工作人员的护照首页复印件(自入境印尼起,护照有效期必须在六个月以上);
  7. 申请人及其随行家属的护照照片尺寸的近照;
  8. 在印尼的办公室地址(如果有办公地址的话)
  9. 拍摄故事或文档的概要或背景信息,实际采访活动或电影拍摄必须符合并且不能偏离概要;
  10. 申请人前往印尼携带的器材清单(如果有携带器材的话);
  11. 电影拍摄或采访活动将涉及的人员名单;
  12. 最近对印尼的作品样本(如果有的话)
  13. 签署一份声明书:
  • 同意并将遵守所有相关的国家和地方法规,特别是对圣地、国家公园以及其他计划前往地点的法规;
  • 申请人须在完成拍摄后向印尼代表处提交一份拍摄成果副本;
  • 请注意,国家公园、寺庙和文化建筑将收取入场费。

C. 大使馆或代表处办公室将知会申请人领取其签证的日期和时间,并将为其出具一份通知书。