The Values of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Of the Republic of Indonesia

  1. Professionalism The officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are professionals who possess the ability to accomplish their duty pro-actively and innovatively based on their appropriate expertise and skills, including the skills of foreign languages and understanding local cultures. Besides that, it is also provided by the understanding of productivity, which is the capability to combine the utilizations of all the existing resources maximally, through efficiency to produce effective results.
  2. Morality and Ethics Every official member of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has to esteem the moral and ethical values based on Pancasila (Five Principles of the Republic of Indonesia), the Constitution of 1945, and religions.
  3. Partnership The application of politics and international relations of the Republic of Indonesia needs the cooperation and support from various expertises from various units in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, other institutions as well as Non-Government Organizations as equal partners. Therefore, the application of coordination principals, integration, and synchronization has to be prioritized. Opinion and point of views differences are positive matters which have to be stated openly and constructively in order to strengthen the formulation and application of politics and international relations.
  4. Discipline, Dedication, and Loyalty The staffs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs perform their duty based on the prevailed regulations, provided by high discipline and dedication, as well as loyalty to the organization, superior and other partners.
  5. Integrity All the staffs need to be honest, prudent, wise, reliable, and have tough principles.
  6. Service Oriented To improve the fulfillment of the state’s and citizens’ needs in and out of the country, every official member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to present his/her best service to all needing society members.
  7. Transparency Every decision making process and its application have to be conducted openly and accountably, either from internal organization or to the wide range of society as the form of social responsibility.
  8. Accountable The results of the work performed are able to be taken responsibility to all parties who have the authority to request for responsibility.
  9. Strong Struggling Spirit The history of the nation and Indonesian diplomacy, which was performed in order to achieve its national objective by developing friendship with as many nations in this world, was patronized to protect its national interests provided by the firmness in principle and belief, determination in attitude and never giving up spirit in attempts but also prioritize flexibility and rationalism in approach.
  10. Skills The staffs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have wide range of knowledge and diplomatic skills, international experience and managerial capability in order to play Indonesia’s role in international relations.
  11. Benefit Principle All of the activities and their results are maximally counted for the interests or missions of the organization, which is maximally performed for the national interests.