The Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1945-1950 :

MFA's main duty through the aid of diplomacy:

  1. Making every effort to gain sympathy and support from international community, building solidarity from partners of various fields through any effort to gain support and acknowledgement upon Indonesia's independence
  2. Conducting conferences and making agreements on:
  • 1947 Linggarjati Agreement – acknowledgement upon the Republic of Indonesia, which covered Java and Madura
  • 1948 Renville Agreement – acknowledgement upon the Republic of Indonesia, which covered Java and Sumatera
  • 1949 Round Table Conference – Indonesia was in the form of Federal State
  • 1950 Indonesia's diplomacy has restored the unity of all the regions in the republic of Indonesia by revoking the Round Table Conference.


The first five year period of Indonesia's independence was a period which decided the struggle to maintain the independence which was a part of the history to decide the character or the nature of Indonesia's foreign policy.

The spirit of Struggle Diplomacy has made Indonesia attain support from international community of the United Nations in the year 1950.


1966-1998 :

the prominent duties of the MFA are:

  • The acknowledgement of West Irian
  • The acknowledgement of Indonesia as an archipelagic country as the result of the struggle of the law of the sea – UNCLOS (United Nation Convention on Law of the Sea)
  • The development of ASEAN Cooperation
  • Making the effort of gaining international acknowledgement on East Timor
  • Being the Chairman to Non-Aligned Movement to struggle for the sake of developing countries
  • Being the Chairman to APEC and G-15
  • Improving the cooperation of development


1998-present :

the main duty of the MFA is directed to:

  1. prevent nation disintegration potential
  2. attempt to help economic recovery
  3. attempt to improve the image of Indonesia
  4. improve the quality of serving and protecting the citizens of Indonesia