Historical Building

  • Pancasila Mansion

    Pancasila Mansion was built in 1830 as a residence for the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces in the East Indies, who was concurrently Lieutenant Governor-General. Previously the Commander had lived in a residence on the present location of the Roman Catholic Cathedral. By a decree dated December 5, 1828, this residence was sold to the Roman Catholic Church Foundation at the price of 20,000 guilders. The Foundation then demolished the building and erected a church. Selengkapnya

  • Museum of The Asian-African Conference

    The Asian-African Conference which was held on 18th to 24th April 1955 in Bandung gained a big success both in formulating common concerns and in preparing operational guidance for cooperation among Asian African Nation as well as in creating world order and world peace. The conference has had a result Dasasila Bandung, which became the guideline for the colonized countries in fighting for their independence. It also became the fundamental principles in promoting world peace and international cooperation. The success of the conference was not only for the time being but also for the time after so that the soul and spirit of the Asian-African Conference becomes one of the most important factor that deciding world history. Selengkapnya

  • Linggarjati Conference Museum

    Preface The Linggajati Conference Museum is a mansion located in Cimilus sub-district of Kuningan Regency, West Java Province. It is situated 400 meters above sea level, encircled by the village of Linggamekar in the south, the village of Linggaindah in the north, and Mountain Ciremai in the west. The Museum is located 25 km from Cirebon and 17 km from Kuningan. Selengkapnya