Opening Remarks By H.E. MR. Abderrahmane Drissi Alami Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco at the Indonesian â?? African Partnership Dialogue Batam, 6 November 2006


Excellency Mr. Ismeth Abdullah, Governor of RiauIslandsProvince,
Excellency Mr. Primo Alui Joelianto, Director General for Asia, Pacific and African Affairs,
Excellency Mr. Mustafa Jafar, Chairman of Batam Industrial Development Authority,
Dear Friends from the Province of RiauIslands and Batam Industrial Development Authority, and the Department of Trade,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
First of all, on behalf of their Excellencies the Ambassadors of the African Countries to Indonesia, I would like to thank you very much for organizing this meeting in Batam and for this valuable initiative in bringing Africa and Indonesia together.
Allow me also to extend my warmest congratulations to Indonesia for her election both to the UN Security Council and the Human Rights Council.
As we are attending today this important preparatory meeting for the Indonesia-Africa Partnership Dialogue, I want to thank you for choosing Africa to start your program of regular meetings with Ambassadors from different regions.
            This meeting will no doubt contribute to complete our perception as African Ambassadors of the very high Indonesian potential for the African – Indonesian cooperation. Indeed, the more details we know about each other’s opportunities, the faster this cooperation will grow.
            We are aware of the positive and supportive stands of Indonesia for Africa in many international fora. We also know how important African countries are to Indonesia. I am sure we will always be supporting your diplomatic efforts and your territorial integrity.
            We strongly believe that your constructive and vital role and solidarity towards Africa, ever since the Conference of Bandung, are the major assets for the coming strategic partnership.
            Our full participation today in this highly important meeting is sound evidence of the excellence of the Indonesian-African relationship.
            We therefore seize this opportunity to make the following assurances:
First, we reiterate our strong commitment to the full success of this event.
Second, we are totally determined to consolidate our friendship and cooperation with Indonesia.
Third, the African Embassies will mobilize all their means to pave the way for the implementation of a strategic, dynamic and multidimensional partnership between Indonesia and Africa.   
Thank you for your attention.