Closing Remarks by: Ir. Hadimulyo at Regional Consultation for the â??Identification of Technical Assistance Needs of Tsunami Affected Coastal Fishing Communitiesâ?


Closing Remarks by: Ir. Hadimulyo
Expert to the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries,
Republic of Indonesia

 Regional Consultation for the “Identification of Technical
Assistance Needs of Tsunami Affected
Coastal Fishing Communities” 
Medan , 10 February 2006


Distinguished Participants
Ladies and Gentlemen,
First of all, on behalf of the Government of Republic of Indonesia we would like to express our thanks to the Common Fund Commodities (CFC) and INFOFISH for sponsoring this Regional Consultation for the Identification of Technical Assistance Needs of Tsunami Affected Coastal Fishing Communities” in Medan, and Aceh, Indonesia. The Government would also like to convey sincere appreciation to all participating countries from India, Thailand, Maldives and Sri Lanka as well as representatives of international organization/institutions for taking part actively in this regional consultation.
We recognize that the successful holding of this meeting has been made possible through the productive support of the competent experts and participants from different countries and international institutions. Your contribution to this Consultation is very significant as our joint effort in dealing with the severe impacts of tsunami, particularly to assist the coastal fishing community in the five-affected countries.
We have just been through a tiring yet very productive Consultation and field visit to Aceh. For the past two days we have deliberated on a wide range of “Identification of Technical Assistance Needs of Tsunami Affected Coastal Fishing Communities”, which are important for a better implementation of the rehabilitation and reconstruction programs in the affected areas.
By going through at lesson learned on a number of issues discussed during this meeting, we have made just another step forward in designing the “Strategy and Program for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the Fishery Sector in Countries Affected by Tsunami”. We place high expectation to the result of our meeting today. We should be more unified and coordinated in our approaches and be more focused in our actions, so that we could achieve an effective implementation of the recommendation resulted from this Consultation. In this regard, it is essential to strengthen regional cooperation, involving potential donors to support the process of recovery in the affected areas.
We also took note the constructive initiative raised during this group’s meeting, that is to identify and formulate aquaculture and fishing and resources management issues (handling, processing, marketing, environment rehabilitation, institutional strengthening and infrastructure and support facilities needs) for rehabilitation and reconstruction of coastal fishing communities in the respective affected countries.
Having done so, I do believe that we have not only obtained a lesson learned but also advanced our broad agenda for “the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program”.
Distinguished Participants,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Indonesia is honoured to host this important regional consultation as a way to contribute to the acceleration of rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in the tsunami affected countries. We are also prepared to coordinate the proposed regional cooperation as recommended by this Consultation. In this regard, the related institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, as well as NAM CSSTC, are willing to be involved in the implementation of the programme recommendation.
I look forward to seeing you again in another meeting. We shall continue fulfilling our commitment for rehabilitation and reconstruction program of coastal fishing communities in the respective tsunami affected countries. And wherever you may be, please remember that there is always a city in Indonesia that considers you as among its own. May God Almighty bless your journey home.
Thank you.