Vision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia

The Vision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is as follows:

'To Advance the National Interest Through Total Diplomacy'

To advance is to achieve or to bring to a better condition.
National Interest is the mandate as contained in the 1945 Constitution and for 2010-2014 it is focused on the efforts to achieve Indonesia that is prosperous, democratic and just.
Total Diplomacy is an instrument or method employed in diplomacy which involves all components of stakeholders and makes the best use of all networks of power (multi-track diplomacy).
The vision statement above illustrates a commitment to be fulfilled and realized by the Ministry, particularly through the performance of duties and roles (core competency) as an institution which establishes relations and implements foreign policy. The vision statement of the Ministry is in line with the national vision contained in the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) for 2010-2014 which implies the importance of establishing relations and implementing policy using total diplomacy as a strategy to bring the national vision "Indonesia that is Prosperous, Democratic and Just" into reality.