The Duty of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

​Law Number 37 of 1999 regarding Foreign Relations sets forth the following:

a.     Foreign Relation is any activity in relation to regional and international aspects performed by the central and local governments, or Indonesian institutions, state institutions, legal entities, political organizations, civil society organizations, NGOs, or Indonesian people;

b.     Foreign Policy is any policy, position, and measure of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia which is adopted while engaging with other countries, international organizations, and other international legal persons in its effort to address international issues in order to achieve the national objectives;

c.     International agreement is any agreement in any form or name whatsoever, which is governed by international laws and made in writing and entered into by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and one or more countries, international organizations, or other international legal persons which create the rights and obligations of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia pursuant to the public international law.

The Law also stipulates that the Minister of Foreign Affairs is a minister in charge of foreign relations and foreign policy. The scope of duties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is as follows:

a.     Administration of foreign relations and implementation of foreign policy, including the facility and mechanism in the implementation, coordination between the central level and its representatives at the local level, authority and delegation of authority in the administration of foreign relations and implementation of foreign policy.

b.     The principal provisions on the drafting and ratification of international agreements with more specific arrangements, including the criteria of international agreements the ratification of which requires the approval from the House of Representatives, later enacted in a separate law.

c.     Protection of Indonesian citizens, including the provision of legal assistance and legal advice as well as consular services.

d.     Foreign relation apparatus/officials.

The abovementioned is also expressly stipulated in Article 31 of Indonesian Presidential Regulation Number 9 of 2005 regarding the Position, Duties, Roles, Structure, and Work Procedure of the State Ministries of the Republic of Indonesia, and Article 7 of Law Number 39 of 2008 regarding State Ministries which further sets forth that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the duty to assist the President in the administration of some governmental affairs in the field of foreign policy and foreign relations.