Mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia

​To achieve the abovementioned vision, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has specified 9 (nine) missions to be accomplished by all Working Units during the period from 2010 to 2014 as follows:

1.             To improve bilateral and regional relations and cooperation in various sectors to promote the national interest.

2.             To take on a more significant role and leadership in ASEAN cooperation, participate in the process of integration of ASEAN Community 2015 which benefits Indonesia that is independent, advanced, united, democratic, safe, just, and prosperous.

3.             To increase multilateral diplomacy to achieve Indonesia that is safer, more peaceful, independent, advanced, just, and prosperous.

4.             To create a more positive image of Indonesia through Public Diplomacy.

5.             To optimize diplomacy by confirmation of legal instruments and international agreements, in an effort to protect the national interest.

6.             To provide better services which are prompt, courteous, simple, transparant and accountable in protocol, consular, diplomatic facility and protection of Indonesian citizens/Indonesian legal entities overseas.

7.             To formulate foreign policy to achieve the national interest.

8.             To improve internal supervision in order to create clean and organized apparatus in the Ministry.

9.             To improve the management of the Ministry which is transparent, accountable and professional in order to support the success in the implementation of the foreign policy.