Regional Cooperation

To ensure the accomplishment of its national objectives, Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has accentuated its diplomatic cooperation in a series of concentric circles. The first concentric circle is with Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) which becomes Indonesia’s prime pillar in carrying out its foreign policies. In the second concentric circle lies ASEAN + 3 (Japan, China, South Korea). Outside of those circles, Indonesia also builds an intensive cooperation with USA and European Union which serve as Indonesia’s main economic partners. In the third concentric circle lie like-minded developing countries.
Through the membership in those organizations, Indonesia voices out its foreign policies and bridges some gaps existing between developing and developed countries. In the global level, Indonesia expects and consistently emphasizes the strengthening of multilateralism in United Nations, particularly in solving any complications of world peace and security. Indonesia also rejects any endeavors taken outside UN framework.
Indonesia’s active participations in those regional organizations could be accessed in this page. Just scroll down or click notification on the top right page​

List of Regional Cooperation