Multilateral Cooperation


According to Decree of the Director General for Multilateral Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 00148/PL/II/2010/46/06 on Establishment of Directorate General of Multilateral Affairs Strategic Plan Year 2010-2014, the objective of foreign politics stabilization and enhancement of international cooperation in multilateral affairs is to improve Indonesia’s active role in the implementation of international peace and security, advancement and protection of Basic Human Rights and humanitarian cooperation as well as in enhancing cooperation in economy, socio-culture, finance, environment, trade, industry, investment, commodity and protection of intellectual property rights through reinforcement of multilateral cooperation.


The Directorate of Multilateral Affairs sets the program of year 2010-2014 under the frame of “Improvement of Indonesia’s Role and Diplomacy in Multilateral Affairs”. The desirable outcome will be to improve Indonesia’s role and diplomacy in addressing multilateral issues.

Strategies employed in the above program are as follow:

  1. To improve Indonesia’s participation and initiative in multilateral forums that includes becoming host to multilateral conferences.

  2. To identify and conduct critical examination for the sake of efficiency on Indonesia’s participation in organizations of multilateral cooperation by analyzing direct benefits for its national interest.

  3. To boost cross-sectorals endorsement in the implementation of multilateral cooperation.

  4. To synergize Indonesia’s participation in G-20 through participation in other forums. In addition to socializing the G-20 agreement to safeguard the implementation of G-20 commitment on national, regional and global level, this effort also aims to fortify G-20 legitimacy and erase the stigma of G-20 as an exclusive forum.

  5. To intensify diplomacy on the establishment of international norms for cultural products which has begun with incorporating Batik as one of UNESCO’s World Intangible Heritage. Future diplomatic efforts will include access and benefit sharing in various forums, such as WIPO through Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (GRTKF), WHO (virus sharing), FAO, Convention on Biodiversity and WTO.

  6. To formulate policy concept/ grand design of South-South cooperation.​

List of Multilateral Cooperation