Indonesia Chairmanship of ASEAN 2011


Indonesia's engagement with ASEAN is based on a mandate of Indonesia's 1945 Constitution. Constitutionally mandated to work for a world of greater peace and social justice. Certain that the mandate can be fulfilled most effectively as an active member of ASEAN.
During Indonesia's ASEAN Chairmanship in 2003, Indonesia envisioned the establishment of an ASEAN Community. And immediately launched concerted efforts towards the transformation of ASEAN : a historic and fundamental transformation from an association to a true community of nations.
Indonesia's active participation in the "ups" and "downs" of ASEAN are based on its own experiences in geo-politics and geo-economics. Indonesia has always intended to bring ASEAN a step ahead.  In 1967, Indonesia is one of ASEAN's founding countries. In 1976, through the Bali Concord, Indonesia brought ASEAN to the phase of confidence building through the TAC and ZOPFAN. In 2003, through the Bali Concord II, Indonesia transformed ASEAN from an association to a true community of nations. "ASEAN has been Indonesianized." 
As Indonesia will assume the ASEAN Chair in 2011, its involvement in ASEAN will rise to a 
As Indonesia will assume the ASEAN Chair in 2011, its involvement in ASEAN will rise to a new threshold. Indonesia has the finest anticipation that the year 2011 will be marked by the accelerated implementation of agreed commitments and consensus. Thus ASEAN moves from vision to action. From implementation to concrete results and benefits. Indonesia will continue to invest in ASEAN Community-building.
Indonesia's ASEAN Chairmanship next year will bear the theme, "ASEAN Community in a Global Community of Nations". The theme anticipates the successful attainment of ASEAN Community in 2015.  With ASEAN Community thus achieved, there arises corresponding responsibilities for ASEAN. 
 ASEAN must enhance its collective contribution towards addressing various global issues. A positive contribution to the global community of nations. This theme will inspire ASEAN member states to work hard to bring ASEAN closer to the vision of a people-centred and compassionate ASEAN Community by 2015. 

To welcome the intention of Russia and the US to participate in the East Asia Summit next year. Their participation is timely and appropriate. And most important, Indonesia will ensure ASEAN centrality. An ASEAN centrality that is not merely proclaimed. An ASEAN centrality that is well earned through the fulfilment of agreed commitments.