No. 022/PR/IV/2003

On 25 April 2003, at the Office of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the Government of Indonesia and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) regarding Assistance for Implementation of the General Elections in 2004.

The Government of Indonesia was represented by Mr Susanto Sutoyo, Director-General for Multilateral Economic, Financial and Development Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and UNDP was represented by Mr Bo Asplund, Resident Representative of UNDP in Indonesia.  The signing was witnessed by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Prof Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti, Chairman of the General Elections Commission, Prof Nazaruddin Sjamsuddin and high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, BAPPENAS and relevant government agencies.

The assistance, which is a manifestation of the international community’s support towards building democracy in Indonesia, shall be utilized for three aspects in the implementation of the General Elections, namely:

1. to support capacity building within KPU at the national and sub-national levels.    
2. to support KPU in implementing voter education activities and programmes to disseminate information on the elections.   
3. to support the KPU in ensuring that adequate process, systems and equipment are in place for the elections.  

The implementation of Indonesia’s General Elections 2004 is the full responsibility and authority of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia as a sovereign state.  In this relation, the international community welcomes the intention to hold the General Elections as a mandate provided for in the Constitution and as a commitment of the Government to sustain the process of building democracy in Indonesia.

In response to the support shown by the international community, the Government of Indonesia has requested UNDP to coordinate assistance from the international community for the implementation of the 2004 General Elections, to be distributed transparently, efficiently and effectively.

The request to UNDP to coordinate assistance for the general elections from the international community is made with consideration to the universal character of the organization, as well as the reputation of this UN agency in maintaining neutrality and accountability. UNDP also gained experience in supporting the implementation of the 1999 General Elections in Indonesia and in other new democracies.

The main points contained in the MOU are:

1. A confirmation that the General Elections are totally the responsibility and authority of the Government of Indonesia.    
2. UNDP assistance to the Government of Indonesia for the electoral process 2004 is based on the desire, request, priority and    laws of Indonesia.  
3. UNDP shall not be engaged in monitoring the implementation and results of the General Elections 2004.  
4. The channelling of UNDP assistance shall be conducted in an open, transparent, and accountable manner.  
5. The Government of Indonesia and UNDP shall establish a modality for management of the assistance extended, with the            Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs as the Executing Agency and the General Elections Commission as the Implementing    Agency.    
6. As the modality for coordination, an Inter Agency Committee shall be formed with membership consisting of officials from the    various related agencies.

Jakarta,  April 2003