Mt Agung Erupted, Bali Remains Safe


Bali: Mount Agung erupted on Sunday (24/12/2017) at 10:05 local time. The eruption was followed by a thick gray smoke with a volcanic ash column height of about 2,500 meters above the top of the crater leading to the Northeast. The Eruption was only about 10 minutes. Post-erupting, the crater emitted white smoke which was sometimes followed with the gusts.

On Saturday (23/12/2017) at 11:57 local time, Mount Agung also erupted with a thick gray smoke as high as about 2,500 meters inclined to the northeast. The Volcanic ash with thin sand rained around the slopes of Mount Agung, as in Tulamben, Kubu.

The Volcanic activity of Mount Agung is still high. The authority to date still establishes Mount Agung status Beware (level 4). The status ‘Beware’ is valid from 27/11/2017 to the present. This status only applies to a radius of 8-10 kilometers from the summit of Mount Agung crater. This means that people are prohibited from doing any activity within a radius of 8-10 kilometers from the top of the crater. Outside the area the activity can run normally and still be safe.

There is no harmful impact from both eruptions. People activity in Bali is normal. Precisely many people around Bali enjoy the eruption. There is no panic of the people. Currently the people have been well educated about the eruptions and threats from Mount Agung. People do not easily believe in hoaxes or misleading information. All refer to PVMBG as a competent institution related to volcanic activity. The existence of Mount Agung Pasebaya which is supported by communication network circle around Mount Agung causes information can be fast and accurate to the public.

The VONA (Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation) code for Mount Agung is Orange. I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar and Lombok International Airport operate normally and safely. During the rainy season until April 2018, the wind direction in Bali will be dominant towards East - Southeast, so that I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar will be safe.

The government is very concerned in handling the eruption of Mount Agung, including the tourism of Bali. The local government revoked the emergency response status of the eruption of Mount Agung in the interests of the larger. Status of Mount Agung remains Beware.

Emergency status statement from head of region whose area is being hit by disaster is really only administrative requirement. Emergency response status is required to facilitate access, both human resources deployment, logistics, funding and others in disaster management. With the emergency response status, BNPB may provide ready-to-use funds, Ministry of Social Affairs can issue rice aid from warehouse, and the local government can use Unexpected Shopping (BTT) in APBD.

However, the term emergency response status is often interpreted as a dangerous condition, precarious or like civil emergency or martial law from the region. It's as frightening as it is only administrative matters. For this reason the Presidential Regulation is currently being arranged for ease of access in administration, logistical and financial assistance to continue to assist the handling of refugees, and the impact of the eruption of Mount Agung.

People are encouraged to keep calm down. Do not be hooked on troubling information. Of course the volcano, moreover on status Beware, must still erupt frequently. The eruption is not dangerous as long as it is outside the radius that has been specified PVMBG.

Bali is safe and normal. Do not be afraid to visit Bali. Currently the number of tourists both domestic and foreign continues to increase. Follow all the latest developments of Mount Agung from Magma PVMBG. Asking for the information to the Main Post of BPBD and the National Assistance Post of BNPB related to Mount Agung.

Having enjoyed a long holiday with family but keep staying in alert. Do not be careless and do not rashly play in dangerous areas. To recognize the dangers and to reduce the risks. (source: BNPB)