Advisory to The INDONESIAN NATIONALS Related to Current Developments in LIBYA, YEMEN and BAHRAIN



In connection with the recent development in the Middle East countries namely Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, the Government of Indonesia hereby appeals to all Indonesian nationals as follows:


1.     To all Indonesian nationals who currently reside in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are asked to maintain vigilance and avoid crowds and areas prone to the level of safety.


2.     All Indonesian nationals, especially those in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are kindly requested to maintain communication and coordination with the Indonesian Embassies in these countries by contacting addresses and telephone numbers as follows:


a.     Indonesian Embassy in Tripoli, Libya

Hay Al Karamah, Qobri Taariq Al Sari', Amaama Al Saraaj, (P.O.BOX 5921)

Tripoli, Libya

Phone: (218 21) 484 2067, 484 2843, 484 2844

Fax : (218 21) 484 2069, 484 2075

Mobile: +218925173125


b.     Indonesian Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen

Beirut Street Faj Attan (P.O.BOX 19873) Hadda, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen
Phone : (967 1) 427 210, 427 211
Fax : (967-1) 427 212

Hotline: +967 713947243, +967 427210, +967 427211


c.     Indonesian Embassy in Manama, Bahrain

Villa 860, Road 3117, Block 331, Area Zinj, Manama

Phone : +973 17233875

Fax: +973 17233786

Mobile +973 97339387510, +973 39387310, + 973 36463138, +973 39131945



3.     In addition to contacts with the above four embassies, all Indonesian nationals can also contact the Directorate of the Middle East, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia at (62-21) 384 9045 and +6282111900440


4.     To all Indonesian nationals who plan to travel to Libya, Yemen and Bahrain in the near future, are encouraged to review the scheduled visit until the situation is back to normal. For more information about the current conditions in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, please communicate with the Indonesian Embassies in Tripoli, Sana’a and Manama, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the numbers mentioned in item 2 and 3.




Jakarta, 22 February 2011