Through Jewelry Bazaar, Wisma Kobe Introduces Indonesian Jewelry

Wisma (house) of Consulate General RI of Osaka in Kobe became lively for being the place of the Jewelry Bazaar (20/5). The bazaar was also enlivened by the appearance of 6 beautiful models who demonstrated how to put Indonesian unique jewelry in their body.

In his speech before the models performance, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia, Wisnu E. Pratignyo, presented about 100 invited guests from the diplomatic circles and the Indonesian lovers community that Indonesian culture is very famous, including the art of jewelry. These jewels are generally made by the skillful hands of the jewelry artists with patient and accuracy. This will produce different result if the manufacture is done by machines.

After enjoying the models performance with Indonesian unique jewels, the invited guest visited twelve Indonesian jewel stands to see, try, and buy the jewels. The 12 companies attended this bazaar had just participated International Jewelry Kobe (IJK) on May 17-19 2017.  They were Ellyhan Jewelry, Runa Jewelry, Dientje Art Stone, Noverika Jewelry, VITE, A&R Jewelry, Reny Feby, Aulia Jewelry, Charma, Mutiara Jaya Makmur, Maisya Jewelry, and Fa Suardana. (Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka)