Tempe, Salak, Indonesian Batik are Showcased in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, 3 January 2019:  At the end of the year 2018, the spirit of promoting Indonesia is still aflame.  The Indonesian Embassy along with Dharma Wanita Persatuan and the Indonesian community took advantage of the momentum of the inauguration of the Win Win Memorial Monument in Phnom Penh to introduce authentic Indonesian culinary dishes such as rendang, friend noodles, lupis, tempeh mendoan up to fresh salak fruit.  On the first day, the Embassy Booth was not  completely finished, but the aroma of the special Indonesian food managed to attract the attention of the visitors who cued up in line waiting in front.  Apart from Indonesia, there were 540 booths participating, including those from the international community namely from China, India, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Not only that, Indonesian tourism and culture were continuosly promoted in the three Indonesian booths. The “Mascot" of the Indonesian booth this time was  Putri, an Indonesian student on internship at the Embassy in Phnow Penh,  who  was wearing a Pendet Dance Costume from Bali, that very much attracted the visitors' attention.   To add to the Indonesia atmosphere, there also was a Gebogan Bali, namely a stacking  of fruit, complete with  fragrant incense and rindik music.

Apart from that, Indonesian salak was also the primadonna that never lacked interest.  In addition to salak distributors, there were also distributors of Indonesia's Tropical vegetable oil and souvenirs such as bags and batik wear present at the three-day event.

“We have to take advantage of all opportunities in Cambodia to promote Indonesia.  I appreciate the Phnom Penh Embassy's DWP who together with the Indonesian community  coordinated Indonesia's participation in the year end activities organised by the Cambodian  Ministry of Tourism", said the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia, Sudirman Hasing  when attending the Opening Ceremony (29/12).

The inauguration of the 54-meter-high monument was opened by  Prime Minister Hun Sen and was estimated to attract  approx. 30.000 visitors. 

The inauguration of the Win-Win Memorial  was also to commemorate the 20th year anniversary of the “Win-Win Policy (1998-2018).    The series of programs will be filled with food and drink exhibitions, cultural performances, sports events and  a happy stage to welcome 2019.    The lower part of the monument is in the form of a pentagon, which represent the five strategic points which Prime Minister  Hun Sen  called “DIFID", which is an acronym for “Divide, Isolate, Finish, Integrate and Develop".

The  Upper part is a 33-meter high triangular  monolyth.  Prime Minister Hun Sen said that the Monument represented the national reconciliation, freedom, unity, souvereignty, development and welfare for Cambodia.  The prime Minister mentioned that the said Monument is the proof that Cambodia has been united, by victory over the war, genocide, division and control, poverty and foreign interference and  right now Cambodia leads its own future towards prosperity and  long existing  peace.  (Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh)​