Pertamina Lubricant Explores Opportunities in Egyptian Market

Cairo - Delegation of Pertamina Lubricant led by Sales & Marketing Director Andria Nusa made a visit to Cairo (4-6/6). The visit aims to explore opportunities for the development of a lubricant market in Egypt.

To make the visit successfully, the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo facilitated a series of meetings and business meetings between Pertamina Lubricant and six Egyptian companies, both importing Indonesian automotive products such as Indonesian tires and rims, and seeking new breakthroughs to other Egyptian potential partners.

"We give an appreciation. In general, the majority of companies we meet are interested in establishing cooperation with Pertamina Lubricant, "Andria said

Responding to a positive response from a number of Egyptian companies, Indonesian Ambassador in Cairo, Helmy Fauzy admitted happy and also gave appreciation. "I hope the results of this visit can be followed up mainly in formulating things in the more technical domain," said Ambassador Helmy.

With a population of 92 million people, Egypt is a potential market for lubricants. To date there are more than 10 local and international lubricant products playing in the Egyptian market, including Total, Shell and Mobil. However, Pertamina Lubricant expressed their confidence that Pertamina's lubricant products can compete with other products in the Egyptian market. (Indonesian Embassy in Cairo)